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Helicopter rockets
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Helicopter rockets seem to be abit random , most times they dont go near where yr aiming and go off like 5 meters or so , and they fly too slow .


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Unguided rockets aren't known for accuracy. IMO the speed seems good too.

Looks and feels good for me as it is.

Is good as it is.
Unguided rockets have quite a big spread around the aiming cross IRL and, infact, they are not used for targets killing but more likely for targets suppression.
Speed feels good too

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the rockets are too slow. the muzzle velocity must be increased and the average flight time too.

I agree, the rockets IRL fly a lot faster than they do in this game. I believe their velocity should be increased by almost twice. I accept that distances in the game have been scaled down but people and vehicles have not, so it feels bit awkward watching a rocket take 2 seconds to fly 400m.

I think the accuracy of the rockets though is absolutely fine.

I agree, the should be sped up. Also, diving with the little bird does seem quite slow, same for the Ka-60, but to a lesser extent.

speed up - but no accuracy buff=)

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.

I've found the following data for real rockets:

Hydra 70
Motor burnout velocity: 2,425 ft/s (739 m/s)
Velocity at launcher exit: 148 ft/s (45 m/s)
Burn time: 1.05 - 1.10 sec

Dispersion: 3-4 miliradians, which means that rockets will hit inside a 3-4m circle, when fired from 1000m away.

AVIPURE "I agree, the rockets IRL fly a lot faster than they do in this game. I believe their velocity should be increased by almost twice"

When I read this all I could think about was Zoolander. xD

I think ARMAPIRX has the got the Data so I would go with this. A very short burn, impulse and the fin-stablised rockets will race to their targets. They aren't missiles, they are rockets.

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