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Unable to shoot from MH-9 side rail.
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This HAS to be fixed. Yes, shooters might be wildly inaccurate while it maneuvers, and yes they might fire off a RPG, causing all sorts of mayhem, but the first time someone tries to land on a rooftop and they get hozed down by someone in the top floor doorway, people are going to say it's broken.

In real life, soldiers would certainly be able to return fire from the rail, and there's no reason to make them unable to do so here. Perhaps incorporate the "raise" and "lower" weapon mechanics here as well? Makes sense to me.


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Hop on an MH-9 side rail and try to shoot.

Tested with "raise" and "lower" button (Ctrl x2)

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This would be an awesome option.

Include, of course, grenade throwing, as having every passenger drop out a smoke screen would be great.

This HAS to have been on the plan, seeing as how your weapon info stays up in the passenger seats, unlike any other vehicle.

To keep it balanced, I believe the russians even have a little bird copy as well!

dont quote me on this but i think there are strick rules about not shooting of skids let alone any helicopter no matter what you see in moveis. shooting an RPG off skids is and impossible concept as moving the long weapon to shoot would be impossilbe let alone the back blast shreding the guy next to you. As for getting shot apon landing any heli shouldnt be used in landing zones where you come underfire, as in real life and common sense, and pilots land and leave much faster than your average arma player can

J2ackson, I acknowledge the fact that shooting an RPG off the rail would be a disaster (read my note), and "any heli shouldn't be used in landing zones where you come underfire" ? What? This isn't "ArmA 3: Let's Play Nice". This is a war sim! Hot insertions with bullets flying is what ArmA is all about!

Why wouldn't you be able to shoot off the rails? In real life, I work about 50 yards from an Air Force para-rescue squadron. I see them out there all the time. You can be damn sure they'd be shooting from the helicopter if they had contact during an insertion. No idea what you're talking about.

And good observation Wallace15nd. I hadn't noticed this, but it sure is there.

Well I don't know for Arma3, but for Arma2 it was a pain in the ass to implement that. Dslyecxi built a mod and you can certainly search youtube for it.

I totally agree it should be in there. Would love to see it in the base game.

There's an Arma 2 mod by Dsylexci doing exactly this, so it shouldn't be that hard to implement...

Shoot from the helo rails is MUST HAVE. MH-9 has no other defense, but for ARMA to truly be a mil-sim, this and shooting from ground vehicles is a requirement.

imo not worth the devs time to add this, let someone make a mod for it.

There was an mod made by ShackTac for ArmA2. It was awesome.. They could porting it into the ArmA3 game if the publisher (Dyslecxi if I'm correct) do agree.

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Absolutely a must, and for other "soft" vehicles too (Humvees, pickups, assault boats,...)

Right now, hot insertions are absolutely ridiculous. Without covering fire you're sitting ducks and have no way to influence your survival chances.

Indeed.. Would be lovely to make missions with :) Any how.. The dev's are busy right now with bug fixing after that they will have an look at Idea's due that Bugs and Glitche's got an higher priority...

See #0002452.