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Many complaints about recoil... Solution: Weapon bi-pods/ weapon resting
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Looking through all the comments and reports many people are complaining about weapon recoil. The simple solution is to fix this... But then again this is ARMA were talking about, ARMA is a FPSRTWS (First Person Shooter Real Time War Strategy), not one of those standerd FPS' like CoD or Battlefield where you don't have any strategy... You just run in and gun!

So no, as part of the 15th MEU Realism Unit for ARMA we agree the recoil is fine, although we would like to be able to set up our bi-pods on walls and window frames, and even rest the barrel on a wall aswell.

This feature is used in the ACE mod for ARMA2 currently and is a massive help. I think this feature would help balance the game greatly (Since the AI are way to accurate and OP)

If you agree please vote this! The game is in alpha and the community can help the devs make a much better game!


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Please comment and Vote on how you think this will work out

(Please NO comment wars such as "OMG Fk you CoD aint St! You is G*y!" Stuff like that)

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Looking properly at all the weapons and there caliber I have some what agreed that the recoil is actually very high for the 6.5 but the feature I've placed in would still be amassing.

It think its way too much but with a little fine tuning it should be fine with a few tweaks.

I agree if you're standing next to a wall that you could easily rest your weapon on you should be able to do it, bipod or not imo. Otherwise the recoil and steadiness will be exactly the same if you were shooting free hand which makes no sense at all.

It'd be great if we could get this ala A.C.E.

"So no, as part of the 15th MEU Realism Unit for ARMA we agree the recoil is fine"

No buddy, we don't. The recoil is horribly broken and unrealistic.

While everyone wants to see the weapon resting system from ACE implemented, if the core of the recoil model isn't fixed and tuned to a playable state, all it will be is a bandaid.

Can I up-vote this?^

pls implement working bipods, its impossible to use them even on flat terrain in prone position. This would also solve the "recoil problem".

Good but use the original issue report

Everyone please go and upvote that one, don't spread votes between multiple copy-paste issue reports!

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Yea you kinda duped this one bud.

Refer to kids link, that's the original.

Thanks for the info on the bipods, i think it would be a great idea tho to make it useful so you can deploy them and fire without the recoil. Bohemia plz

I'd like the recoil / sway stay as they are; not easy.

It may be annoying for some in SP but this is what makes MP firefights last longer and are much more enjoyable.

Ticket has my support

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I very much agree with this. I think the recoil is reasonable but it would be nice to rest your barrel or use a bipod or any other methods of reducing recoil.

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i 100% agree with you, but the recoil is to high, not just because of the config but because of the weapons, no smart army would use a 8.5 or a 9.0 or 7.62 rifles in a firefight, they got a great accuracy and damage, but the recoils is way too high

Recoil is fine its a 6.5 or higher. But bipod support is definitely needed

Perhaps soldiers could shoulder the weapons tighter like you would in real life when you hold down mouse button 2. For those who have fired an 5.56 or 7.62, you know that the recoil is not this bad at all. This is a 6.5mm round, somewhere between these two examples.

I, too, would like the ability to apply a bi-pod or rest the weapon. In all seriousness though, the 2035 soldiers could just try not being such bitches.

See a professional shoot vs. newbies:

EDIT: The chick at :50 shoots with ARMA 3 recoil. Lol. I mean just tone it down like 30%.

Well, yeah.

Arma recoil NEVER was realistic.
It always meant pulling your mouse down to compensate - where IRL, if you stop shooting, the guns wheight causes it to stay/come back into initial position - a real gun kicks upwards yes, but even when standing, look how many people shoot extremely fast, and dont have to litteraly force-push the gun down - if it were in RL as in ARMA, you'd have to attach bricks on top of the muzzle to stop it from climbing skyhigh after 3-4 shots, or sling a lead (lead as in 'Pb', very heavy metal stuff) M203 under it.

Arma's recoil always behaved like your shooting a 2 or 4-gauge shotgun, 3-4 shots send the crosshair skyhigh.

We dont need an autocenter option or something, but with a .223 and even .308, you can stand and shoot rapidly without the muzzle climbing a couple inches.

It also depends on training and build of the person operating the firearm - a budd of mine controls his MP5, Sterling, M4 and M1A like its just a measly .22 - he is just strong and trained enough, as should be the soldiers in Arma.

So please reduce the recoil at least some degree.

I totally approve that one, i was playing an hour ago, my teammate was pined down by AI and my only way to suppress fire on them was to shot trough a window I wasn't able to manage burst firing. (even though AI doesn't seems to be influence by fire suppression)

I think arma core is sorely lacking that option is bad, even bf3 as it now, why arma doesnt is beyond me. Shouldnt have to rely on ACE for that.

Honestly, I can say that this recoil is still NOT ENOUGH compared to shooting in real life.

I've shot both semi and full-auto weapons in real life, and let me tell you; in full auto, it's pretty hard to hit a dinner plate at 25m.

I agree resting your weapon on things / deploying it should be implemented, but for once, I think a game's finally nailed recoil.

I agree bi pods and resting are good, but the recoil needs to be tweaked slightly.

recoil is fine for me also , resting the gun on bipods adds a tactical advantage. support weapons are nearly useless without.

I'm trying to remember from when I used to shoot about 7/8 years ago (so memory might be a little off!) and was a marksman, but I actually think the recoil should go ever so slightly higher in regards to how much the weapon kicks on screen. Especially when shooting burst or fully auto.

However, shooting single rounds, it's pretty easy for a marksman to get the sight to come back down almost exactly where originally aimed. So perhaps the sight should come back closer to the original shot, unless shooting on burst or fully auto.

Oh, an setting up bipods would be good.

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For people coming from Arma 2 the recoil seems insanely high. Although being someone who has fired everything from a .22 to a .338 the recoil is actually very true to life. The main issue with it and what cases the frustration is that the AI appear to be unaffected by this recoil, being able to fire off 5-10 rounds bursts with perfect precision. Adding a resting system is a must and will definitely help, but until the AI ability is toned down, we will continue to see complaints about the recoil.

recoil is pretty bad....

See #0000432.