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Aircraft should not explode violently when in water
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When aircraft enter the water, they explode, killing anybody in or near in. There's really no reason for a helicopter to explode underwater, especially since the water would put out any fire or sparks anyway.

Aircraft should instead become immediately inoperable and suffer critical engine damage, just like cars. Additionally, helicopters shouldn't take engine damage until the actual engine is in the water, currently even the skids case engine damage when wet. In Arma 2, players could dunk half the helo in water, and as long as no instruments or rotors got wet, you could tug it out of the water.


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  1. Obtain aircraft
  2. Obtain water
  3. Combine

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I agree with you.

it would be a somewhat decent idea to take an emergency landing in water but so long as this exploding thing is going on you will have to take your chances with the ground.

Also anyone who was in the chopper when it went down mysteriously disappear from the wreck.

Could be useful mabye for getting people out of the ocean?

Please view this ticket:
A much better explanation and more detailed. The ticket details a better system for water and aircraft interaction.

agreed! got my +1

But I would like to add to this, the same should go for tree tops. I mean the tips of tree are the weakest, yet you just touch the tip and you go down in flames, I mean seriously.

It should be much like described with impact on water, touching the tips of trees should do little to no damage to the hull (body of the chopper), the more impact you make with trees, and lower you go, would knock your heli over, like a roll. If the rotors touch the tips then you loose control and sever damage to main rotors, then instead of just touch and your heli is fucked.

just my 2c