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Tracer Caseless ammo plays casing sound
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the 6.5mm caseless tracer ammo plays the tracer sound and when switching to the normal ammo caused it to play the sound also, but i haven't tested to see if that is always the case or if it is only caused by the tracer ammo. {F17191}


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load the editor with the standard Opfor rifleman and an Opfor ammo crate (i think those have the tracer ammo), fire some rounds to confirm the standard mags working correctly, then grab a tracer mag and place it in the magazine slot on the gear screen. Start shooting and you should hear the casings hitting the ground, then reload again to try the standard mag and you should hear the casings again.

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casings also fly out the side. I dont know anything about caseless ammo, perhaps chain links still fly out, but even then, it's definately casings flying out of the gun when caseless ammo is used.

yes you're right about belt pieces for the AR but I meant the standard assault rifle, i should have been more specific, which would eject nothing but gas or possible a platic cap (G11 caseless ammo has one to hold the bullet in place) since the propellent is formed into a casing lke in the image i have added

Duplicate of #0000535.