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Ammo boxes - Interactive
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Something ACE had semi developed was the ability to drag/even load ammo boxes
A small ammo box should be draggle by a single person, a medium sized ammo box possibly carryable by two people, larger boxes should be towable via the tow system we will receive at some point later unless it was scrapped.

Loading an ammo box into the back of a truck, helo, etc. should be possible since it has been done in ACE, we've even got PhysX which should help in a couple ways with that.


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Being able to move an ammo box long distances/even relocate them on the fly would be great.

Air dropping them from a helo to troops on the front or just yanking em out would open up the possibilities of what can be done at the average mission makers level & advanced scripter/modder.

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If this were to be implemented who knows maybe some day in a DLC we could even get drag bags (With weapons inside) for sniper teams, the ability to put your buddy into a bag/drag him if need be on the back of your vehicle, the possibilities are about as limited as the ability of the community to script them in.

The implementation of being able to move ammo boxes around could allow modders the ability to create more complex/worth while content, maybe we'll be able to even push little jimmy into the ambulance now.

I like the idea, would love to see one being able to carry a ammo box, maybe even storing ammo boxes in vehicles so if your vehicle is disabled you can still take some stuff with you(this is of course, for like being pinned down for a long period in a building and such.)

It's also great for implementing (If someone is passionate about it)

Game modes where you can load up a cache of ammo, put it into a truck & move it around, or maybe you're like me and just want to be able to drop a supply crate into the middle of the field without needing to add custom scripts which cause lag on the server.

Aww yeah, signed!

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