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Poor AI convoy movement / pathfinding
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I put 4 hunters in the editor and told them all to go to a point across the map, i put them in close column formation and they did the same stop/go/wait up thing they do in arma 2

I then put a single hunter and told him to go, i was very impressed by how good he was.

PROBLEM is this: I put 4 hunters in the editor, they are all in my group. I tell ONE hunter to go somewhere, and the rest stay put. The hunter that is moving thinks that he is still in a formation and drives very slow as if he is waiting for the others to form up.


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Place 4 hunters on road in editor
Put them in the same group
Tell a single hunter to move far away
Observe his driving

Place 1 hunter on road in editor
Tell him to go far away
Observe difference in driving

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Sounds like the AI group logic forcing the AI to wait up since it's part of a group, rather than pursuing the fact it was told to go solo.

Updated the title for clarity.

Same issue with more votes here: #0002661.