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AI OpFor can spot you too easily.
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During the Coop mission, Headhunters, the AI was able to spot me, in a pitch black environment (around 3:00 AM). Yes they had nightvision, but being able to hit me with a scope that does not have IRNV, and over ~200m is outrageous. I was hiding nowhere near a light source (I was stationary and prone under a tree), and yet they spotted me. This was on Regular difficulty, mind you.

I could not shoot them because I couldn't see them with my optics, yet they could. I thought this was a bit much. There was no way I could hit them with the red dot sight over 200m; how could they hit me, let alone spot me?

I also noticed the AI could spot me while swimming in the Scuba Showcase mission as well, either peeking out of the water or trying to sneak on shore (But I was in a wetsuit, so I probably stuck out a bit, lol).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play either the Scuba Showcase or COOP 7 Headhunters.
  2. Try to find an enemy far away.
  3. Either wait a bit, or make a sound either by a gunshot or something else. (Mortar fire in the Scuba mission tends to get you spotted afterwards quickly, due to the alert.)
  4. Watch as enemy AI spots you quickly and shoots at you, even if you're in a stealthy position/spot.

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I reported on something similar here:

I think it is a general AI issue, not just OpFor

Yeah, probably. Voted up your feedback as well. :)

I have noticed this as well I made a small mission and the AI spotted me in the water at midnight in the middle of a storm with high waves on and I was in a black scuba uniform its crazy.

Balancing issues like this are probably of the lowest priority right now and will be for a considerable time, I guess. But have a vote up, this happened to me and my friends on the same mission yesterday.

In many ways related to my post here regarding AI Xray Vision, though differs slight as mine relates to fog.

Actually regarding the Scuba mission, within a certain radius there is a trigger that will alert the enemy of where you are. It is this trigger itself that causes the look-a-like "X-Ray Vision".

However, they do have X-Ray Vision. They shoot through walls and trees and can spot you from over a klick away.

The AI do not have X-Ray vision and do not shoot through walls. Do not spam the bugtracker with misinformation.

Furthermore, I can spot AI from over 1km and hit them from 200m at night, so why is it cheating when they do it?

This is not spam, this was posted in early July when it was a problem, it may not be much of a problem now.

But that being said I was playing defend kamino last night with a friend I was hiding behind the wall at the western part of the blufor base. I was about 5metres from the end of the wall and they started shooting at me way before I even revealed myself I was there 10 seconds before the first wave started so no way they knew I was there... they did.

How I can tell? I see bullets hitting the wall generating dust on my side. My mate was in the tower and he could see.

@maturin "The AI do not have X-Ray vision and do not shoot through walls."

Ah, don't be so sure. I was playing a mission this last Sunday with my friends, where an enemy was able to aim and shoot us while prone behind a sand bunker. We didn't know who was taking us out until we saw the muzzle flash from inside the bunker wall. Also note, this is when the enemy AI was apparently at it's 'default' setting, according to our mission creator, who always plays with us on his maps.

Also: "I can spot AI from over 1km and hit them from 200m at night"

Is that with a non magnified scope, such as the ACO or HOLO sight? Or is that with the old version of the RCO or ARCO with non-3d scopes? Did you have a flashlight or NV equipped? It's hard to spot foes you can't see, nor shoot them if you can't see them. Sure, if they're cresting a hill or next to a light source it's easy, but black on black background isn't as much.

Basically, I think the AI has too high of 'senses' (hearing or sight) at the default difficulty. I think its fine when I die in a firefight, but not when they know where I am when we're separated visually by a wall of some sort.

Well their mysterious ability to see you under the water surface from a hundred meters during sunset and from an acute angle seems to have disappeared least, i wasn't shot at in the SCUBA showcase in 0.76...

But yeah, their accuracy and spotting ability at long range is crazy. I've been shot dead (in three or four shots) from the opposite hill in the commanding showcase, despite having only half my head sticking out behind a rock.

At close range they just stare at you, and appear to lose accuracy.

I suspect BIS uses some weird linear feedback control system that doesn't get time to work at close range, but works very well at long range, especially since it's harder for players to shoot from a long range, buying more time for the algorithm to work.

This is indeed a hearing issue that kicks in at very short ranges.

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.