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Helicopters are too tough
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I've noticed that the helicopters in ArmA 3 are highly indestructible, and the damage they receive is highly unrealistic. For example, when ramming the rotors of a helicopter into the side of a building, they do not break. I've for a matter of fact had a incident in multiplayer where I was shot out of my chopper, but the chopper caught on a pull and continued spinning on the pole for about 3 minutes by the rotor, which didn't break until those 3 minutes. {F17153}


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Get in a helicopter, and fly the rotors of it into something like a pole. You will merely bounce off of the pole by your rotors, with no damage. Alternatively, go up to about 300 meters, and shut off the engine of your helicopter. So long as you land straight, you will sustain no damage.

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Happens in Singleplayer and Multiplayer

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The resilience of the Helicopters is all right.
But shooting off the rotors doesn't affect enough.
As shooting off the main engine, only causes it to land slowly and barely damaging the pilots.

I uploaded a photo of this exact thing.

A helicopter crashed into the ground after an ally shot the pilot, it didn't explode or break anything at all.

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Yeah I crash hard sometimes, I get hurt but the heli hardy gets damaged. I crashed so hard my copilot died and I only had a orange engine..

I approve this one I was on multiplay when a player did a run over me so when he turned back to do an other run I shot him and his AH-9 fell next to me so I hopped in, there where no damage at all so I took it back (battlefield style).

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Be sure that the falling thing does not interfere with reverse rotation which is a realistic way of landing without an engine.

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Then , don't forget that, when you are shootdown when you are piloting, then your chopper crash into the floor, chopper don't explode due to the wheels.
Simple exemple, yesterday in wastland, I flight and someone killed me. My chopper hit the floor and it doesn't explode. I was 150 m alt.
ennemy get my chopper after this ...

Arma. Please Fix this !

oukej added a comment.Jul 15 2014, 5:56 PM

There have been some changes in the helicopters' hitpoints since the issue was reported.

What do you think about the current durability of helicopters?
Also rotor collision should break (stop) the rotorblades.

No response in 1 month. Consider fixed.