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Flashlights of other players and AI are incredibly weak
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Any flashlight that is not the player's is extremely weak. {F17143} {F17144} {F17145}


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Go in a multiplayer game, and look at the brightness of other peoples flashlights compared to your flashlight.


Play a night mission with AI using flashlights.

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Note: In the screenshot, chat is whited out

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in fact during testing with my friend at night we where unable to see the surrounding illuminated by is flashlight

Yeah I totaly aprove that point. If you think about a situation where you face an enemy player, you should be able to blind im with or without NVG's and even more with NVG's.

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The same is with the truck head lights.

This even seems to be the case in single player. AI have flashlights on, but they don't illuminate the area like the player's does.

Noted this too (in multiplayer).

Your own flashlight is very bright (perhaps a bit too bright) whereas anyone elses is very weak. Conversely from their perspective their own flashlight is the only bright one.

Perhaps this is a limitation of the engine limiting the amount of dynamic lights vs mapped lights or something.

Would love it if all flashlights were equal.

Could we get a dev to explain this decision, or is it actually a bug?

On a separate but related note: Devs, do AI see us better/earlier at night when we have flashlight/laser on vs off?

It seems to be a problem with the time of the day as well. If you activate the AI's flashlight at 00:00 onwards, it seems to be more effective than turning it on around 23:30. Just make sure that overcast is set to full for the best effect.

Added a couple screenshots taken today to further demonstrate this issue.

The brighter one is where I'm shining my light on the bunker, the other one "Non Client Flashlight" is my buddy shining his light on the same place, from the same distance. The difference is obvious, and should be fixed.

good report. my guess, shitty engine dynamic light source limitations. good job bis!

Agreed with OP.

how about to stop being an idiot and actually do something useful for the game and the comunity ?

@Any Moderator
Can't he be banned from here as from the BI forums ????

Flashlights in new dev version: 55.104268 are now dim even for the player's client. I wonder if they are working on this?

Would be cool if you could use the adjust key to toggle between dim/full flashlight power. Here's to hoping!

I would also like to state that this happens for muzzle flashes as well!

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Cleaned up the ticket, edited title since this applies to all other flashlights than the player's.