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animals on map
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the snakes on the map seem out of place, also even though this is gona sound like im a weirdo but it seems weird not being able to shoot and kill the animals. Just takes me out of the realistic effect this game has.


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It seems snakes at least arnt synced with others as when i saw one and my mate was called over to see it he couldnt and he was standing on it as well.

Also happened in a larger group too. Some see them some dont. Its not vital they are synced i suppose as there just props really but would be nice to shout to a mate hey heres a snake lets kill it or somit daft like that.

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Yep, the wildlife (snakes at least) aren't synced in MP. I think that it's just good, pretty useless feature that doesn't really need to be broadcasted... The saved bandwidth could be used to much more important features.

Remove those frikkin' horrible creatures, they scare "it" out of me everytime they attack towards me! ;D

Closing as "no bug".