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Running animations are too fast
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In 3rd person when you run the animation speed of you running seems a bit too quick. Maybe slow it down a touch i think is what some people are wanting as they say it looks a bit silly at the moment.


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Agreed does seem too fast

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It's good, the problem is the arms should cradle the weapon & your weapon should sway.

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jogging and sprint should be slowed. Perhaps a bigger difference between sprinting and jogging as they are almost as fast as each other

I think the entire running and sprinting animation has to be redone. It looks very very feminine. The style of running they're using is used for CQB, where spaces are tight and you need to tuck your shoulders in and keep your rifle out of the way. It looks really silly to see a squad sprinting down a field like this.

I second this. The sprinting animation looks like the running animation but sped up.

The jogging speed is pretty much straight on correct for a fitness maniac.
Sprinting feels too fast.

According to a related ticket (#0004075), the running animations may be tied to the framerate. Can anyone confirm?

Deferring to identical issue with more votes: #0003164