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Inventory gear swaping from dead bodies leads to weirdness
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playing MP, I came upon some corpses, friendly and enemy. I tried to swap their carrier rig for my fighter rig. I unloaded my ammo into their inventory then put my rig in their corpse, took their rig out. Their rig turned into a fighter rig, and now I had a fighter rig on me and a fighter rig in the corpse, the carrier rig was no more.
I tried to swap uniforms was wearing the full uniform, tried to put on the short sleeve shirt uniform. dragged short sleeve to my inventory from corpse, moved my uniform to corpse, corpse now has 2 short sleeve uniforms on them, the uniform I had been wearing has disappeared.
I know it disappeared because I checked through them all looking for the stuff I had in my uniform, it was 3 copies of the uniform the dead guy was wearing.
Not this was in MP, the server was kind of laggy, not sure if that had contributed to this acid trip adventure, or if its a bug in the inventory.


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Find dead body in MP, swap rigs and uniforms back and forth till you end up in weirdsville.

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I've seen some of these effects in single player, and I assume I'd see them all if I spent the time looking into it.

This was fixed in one of the dev builds.