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ifrit and maybe other vehicles wheels/tires missing when sniping them from distance of 300m ish?
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Was in a mp game today and we spotted a ifrit or whatever its called i think it was and it was down in a valley and we were on the hill side top. We were tasked with shooting it so we aimed for the tires. We stoped it and so we must have punctured them but after another look i noticed all the wheels were missing or the tires on the wheels were off so to speak. Which was weird. Duno if its a bug or not etc but thought id report that glitch. No explosions were fired i.e nade or rockets just normal weapon fire which i wouldnt think would make the tires just disappear. Not sure if all 4 were off but from the right side i saw them 2 off/missing.


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Be about 300m on the hill side far above a ifrit or vehcile of some kind and have 3-4 guys shoot it with scopes at the tires. See if the tires disappear shortly after it stops in its tracks.

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This is normal. Destroying the tires on a vehicle will make them disappear.

Closing. Feel free to re-open if I misunderstood you.