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eotech visual issue
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there are 2 red dots in the center of the circle {F17126}


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That's intentional, they are for different ranges.

my real eotech holo sight has one dot in the center of the circle, same with the one I used in Iraq. could be a graphic issue but it does it everytime

There are different versions. The red dot sight for the TAR-21 has a center dot for 200m, and the tip of the arrow for 300m. I would expect they are for 200 and 300m. It's a common set up, and I've seen this type of EOTECH before.

i used the eotech holo sight on all weapons, it doesnt look right to me i put a screenshot of it

i stand corrected

wow i am so out of the loop ever since i left the service

good lookin wallace

There's a lot of marker models, and 2 dot sight in one of them. Just check the oficial eotech web page )

already did and bought a new eotech


Hah no problem brother thanks for the service!

Seems to be a non-issue.