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Bullets won't hit enemy soldiers
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In showcase Scuba mission i was unable to hit enemy soldiers with main weapon. Even at close distance.


Nejdříve jsem si myslel, že jsem lempl a nemůžu se trefit, ale potom co jsem do něj zblízka vyprázdnil zásobník a nic se nedělo už mi to přišlo divný.


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It is a 40metre weapon it might not work on land very well even at close range. You do have a pistol tho which is better to use when on land i find.

Tho if your very close and it doesnt kill then sure its a problem and possible bug.

You should be able to load STANAGs, which should work fine.

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underwater with water munnition, at 3-5m of a aquatic man, i shoot him with All my ammo and he died after 35hits....
i'm sure i use the good munition..

I think it's working properly for me. Yes I have to be rather close but it's still ~10m or so. But, I can NOT engage anything much past that. I've tried changing elevations thinking maybe there was severe bullet drop with water and all but nothing. That said though, I'd imagine that shooting underwater, even with this special weapon and munitions, wouldn't be very accurate either, so maybe they have it just about right?

Not a bug. Switch to STANAG on land.