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Terrible SLI Performance
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I am running a powerful PC with 2x GTX670 cards. When playing singleplayer at maximum settings (no AA) the usage is roughly 15-30% per card and frame rate is 25 or less.

I have tried to force maximum performance through Nvidia control panel but it does not help as the usage is still very low.

Additionally I am getting lots of flickering on ground textures.


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The game dosen't & from what I remember had no intention of supporting multi video card support. It's meant for 1 card.

Disable 1 card, post your dxdiag & set the video memory to high, disable post processing, lower shadows.

There is no video memory setting that I can see, sounds more like you are talking about ARMA 2 there.
It must have SLI support as both my cards get used and their clocks change. In cases where games do not have SLI support, 1 card has higher usage and clocks.

Lowering shadows makes the framerate drop even more as it is using even less of the card.

An update to this. I played a custom MP mission yesterday and that used a lot more of my GPUs, both were boosting as required an I was getting 90-130 fps.

The mission is Camp Maxwell TvT 40.

I am not sure what conclusion to make, but that confirms that the game supports SLI and my system can handle the game easily.


Reason you got good FPS on that mission is because it's not at all script intense. Most MP missions are written with hundreds of threads, all hogging up CPU time and delaying render calls (via other means), which causes FPS to plummet.

A3 has also a few engine bugs that are inhibiting it from getting good performance on near enough anything. (By good performance, I mean, using > 60% CPU/GPU at any one time).

Thank you, I appreciate the insight.
Lets hope those bugs get resolved before release so the game is playable.

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I run THREE MSI GTX 680's 4gb/ in SLI. Third card is dedicated to Phys-x (Over kill I know, have a 4th on the way)

I allow the game to run on all the cores, set the CPU priority to high and use Fraps to get an idea of my frames per sec.

At the moment I am 20'sh to 50's in the menus of different kinds.

I can get up into the 120's (Vsync is on, I don't need it unlocked.. lolz) and am running a BenQ 120 hertz monitor that automatically lightens up dark rooms as you enter.

I have seen my monster computer brought to it's knees and that is one of the reasons I build em strong. It will game well or not at all.

Course you can get a 1000 dollar PC built to RUN a game, but when you put away such childish things and start building manly computers like a adult, you will learn what works and what does not.

This is a Alpha. Later comes the Beta. I EXPECT problems and report them as I hit them.

I hope the day they release retail as complete for the world, I would hope that days, weeks if not months go by without the bugs, tweaks or other things that are reported on and fixed.

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