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Windows 8 Crashing
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I'm using windows 8 x64 and had a few crashes but it's often happened. {F17120}


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Same for me, 10 minutes of multiplayer and game crushes

Just tried it again with windows 7 compatibility mode, crash after downloading death match mission.

the crash is just sporadic and random, nothing im sure of trigger it.

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crashed for me when i had xfire open, if you guys have it open, close it and it should run fine.

just crash again this is the dump :

I didn't have program like xfire running, even fraps and afterburner (i haven't installed it yet). It still crash.

tuxBRO added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 2:47 AM

tried closing everything except for steam? check processes and see if there is anything out of the ordinary, could even be a virus scanner or even windows firewall blocking it.

im running windows 8 x64 and it runs without crashing, its only crashed twice, once when i had xfire open, and the other when i had xsplit running.

ok thanks man, will try.

Please check the HOW TO GUIDE in the top right corner to know how to write down bugs.

Also please attach crashdump to issues directly, do not upload them to file sharing servers if not bigger than 5000KB. Thank you

Confirmed: Windows 7 compatibility mode does not resolve my crash related issues.

^ yep it doesn't resolve it. I have a way that kinda reduce the frequency of crashing, I play the game windowed mode with lower resolution, haven't got crash since.

Plesae provide exact steps to reproduce. State if its SP or MP and if its MP please also state on what map/mod is game crashing. Have you tried the official Arma III MP missions?

@millhauz : the crash is sporadic, it happened both in SP and MP, also with custom MPs and official MP. I can't recreate or deliberately trigger the crash, it's just random. Thanks

It will be very helpful, if you add files for each crash every time it happens here to this bug, so we will be able to reproduce and fix the issue. Thank you

Okay I will :) << here latest crash dump, the size is more than 5000KB so I uploaded it to MF.

btw, after the 7mb patch two days ago, I experience less crash playing in fullscreen.

are you using the development- Development Build Optins under the BETAS tab in Arma 3 Alpha - Properties?

yeah I did, I don't know what it is though, so I selected it and forgot to switch it back. xD

Oh yeah, I also have crash issue playing 404 Wasteland mod.

Please switch back from the Development build and then verify the games cache.
After you opt out from Development build, do you still encouter crashes?

Wasteland is heavily scripted mod, so if you have problems playing Wasteland, please contact its devs directly.

okay noted, thanks millhauz :)

yeah i have a feeling its wastelands causing the crashes, i haven't crashed yet in default Arma 3, but have in wastelands once or twice.

After switching back from DEV and veryfing cache, are you still encountering crashes in SP?

Win 8 64bit never had a problem...really strange :O

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.