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Adjust Key & Head Look Key Redundant
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I combined my alt key with the free look key and found that it really isn't necessary to have two separate keys and even more so if the adjust key snapped a player back to center/ head down when released. Less keys = More immerse controls.


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Combine Alt to Free Look and Adjust.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Gliptal.Mar 6 2013, 9:52 PM

I can't understand what you're meaning: could you explain your point better please?

I really play with controls because I am missing my middle finger on my left hand. This stuff makes a difference to me and would make the game so much more intuitive with its controls.

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I think I get what your saying, but assigning Alt for Free look and Adjust at the same time will surely limit movement whilst trying to free-look, i.e running around and scanning the horizon, since adjust uses W / S also.

Since it is already possible to rebind these keys to your liking (perhaps not my liking) then I don't see a reason for it to be addressed by the dev's when its already possible.

Unless of course I am mistaken.

It's a horrible idea, moving around and looking around freely has been a core part of the game since ofp in 2001.

I all ways asign my look to me side button on mouse thats all thats needed tbh

If this is the case, I think keeping the keys separated is the best idea: everyone gets the possibility of playing as preferred, without forcing any solutions...

You can move and look around. It does not disrupt anything. Give it a try before you assume things.

Being able to bind these two functions to two separate keys is not a bug.