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No Drowning Mechanism
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When you go into the water as a regular soldier and go underwater you will never drown.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Pick any human playable character
  2. Go into the water
  3. Dive down
  4. Wait

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I don't think you waited long enough. I've drowned. When your screen starts getting black around the edges you know its only a matter of seconds. It even warns you in the field manual

Try again... you drown, actually sounds really intense... :) Good job Bohemia!

yea i have drowned

I waited 3 minutes and i was a boat operator. I dont know if its a glitch or something. ill do what i did again and if it works then well thats a good thing.

Unable to reproduce. Could you please provide more specific repro? I mean fraction, type of boat, exact position of unit on the boat (commander, driver,...), etc. Thank you.

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Takes quite some time before you drown (fatigue has no effect on how long you can stay under water), but eventually you will drown.

Closing as unable to reproduce.