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Cars roll / tip over too easily
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When driving it feels like you have a big tower with a weight on it as you drive. The whole vehicle sways around, especially bad at high speeds. Also climbing through the doors could have better animation of actually climbing in.


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I do think that the suspension should be stiffer. I've never known a military vehicle to have soft suspension, which I think is the big issue here. The actual military vehicles are a bit top heavy compared to a HUMVEE so it makes sense that they aren't as stable, but they are a bit easy to roll. I think with a bit more weight and stiffer suspension they would perform much better/more realistically.

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Sounds like the vehicles just need more weight added or to have their weight to speed ratios tweaked.

You *are* driving a big tower with weight on it. :) Large military vehicles, especially MRAPS like in ArmA 3 are extremely top heavy. I do, however, agree that they tip too easily, although I think this is mostly to show off the physics for the alpha. I hope this will be fixed, along with the auto-flip by release.

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They dont roll too easy, it's just too hard to steer the amount that you want.

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I had a player in a ATV attempt to roll me and my heavy vehicle.

He almost did too. Had me on two wheels before I entered the necessary steering correction and got off him.

Really a 600 pound man+ATV combination should not tip a 6 ton vehicle. I used to drive 8 ton tractors when not pulling a trailer over the road and it simply isnt going to happen.

The alpha is primarily an infantry testing, We have the most basic model of vehicles with the most basic physics implemented currently this is simply to test basic animations, movements and basic functionality.

Take the current Helicopter model, we all know by now that they will be using the TOH Flight model but its not in the game yet, this has made the helicopters feel off but they work and allow us to test them and is not the finished product. It's the same for ground vehicles and if we hit beta and its barely changed, Then start making these threads.

Physics are neither tuned nor final.

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I'd say that this is how big top heavy cars behave, and I frequently drive a landcuiser hzj78. They are really not made for driving at high speed. I tried driving at the airfield with both hunter and ifrit, and I actually think they're a bit too stable at high speed. And also the physics engine automatically rolls you back on the wheels again.
But I do agree that vehicles need more weight. I drove over a small bush at high speed, and it tipped me over.

I believe this is a symptom of a excessively low roll centre, not the suspension stiffness.

Military vehicles differ from civillian vehicles.

I agree. You think by 2035, they'd have some kind of ESC for cars, especially for the armed forces.

The US MTVR currently has a gauge that shows your angle & how likely you are to tip, but in 20 years i'm sure they wouldn't have problems like that.

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Cars are currently work in progress. Also in latest build cars shouldn't be flipped so easily.