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[Feature Request] Loadout configuration in mission editor
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Please BIS! Make Loadout configuration setuable in mission editor! I don't think It's so hard to make and It is must-have feature in this game! It will make creating missions much easier as you don't have to use scripts to just change weapon/gear of soldier. Thank you!


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100% agree. There are a lot of basic features that they need to include instead of forcing us to use scripts, which can be difficult and troublesome. Scripts should be for extraneous features, not something as simple as "what a unit is equipped with."

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That's already a planned feature, which will probably become available later in the alpha or during beta.

Sure It must be done. As now currently the new "Customise loadout system" has not much use. Tell me how much times you will have to change your loadout on battlefield. It's feature made to customise your own soldier but it lose effect when you cannot do that before battle begins.

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