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Unmanageable recoil and recoil inconsistancy
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The recoil across the board for all weapons is very unmanageable. To add to that, the AI seem to have zero issues shooting on automatic while one single shot from my rifle makes a follow up shot take 3-4 seconds. It's a very frustrating imbalance and is making for inconsistent gameplay for all others that I know that are playing ArmA 3.

Additionally - while prone the recoil doesn't seem to be reduced nearly enough for mid-long ranged combat. Recoil amount from all weapon types, even LMGs with bipods, is uncontrollable even while prone and firing slowly and accurately.


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I am all for realism but the recoil needs to be toned down. Trained soldiers can engage a target in semi auto with accurate fire at decent ranges. I hope that when more 5.56 weapons are introduced they have less recoil because they realistically have a ton less then whats in game now.

I've made a video that somewhat showcases the issue:

I agree as a Armorer in the US ARMY (45B Small Arms Repairman) the small arms on our game produce way too much recoil. The 5.56 round the military uses is just a "jacked up" .22 . It does not produce the recoil we are seeing. The recoil we are getting on 5.56 rifles in akin to a 308 if you don't lean into it. Fire a 308 semi auto rapid fire without a good muzzle break on it and by your 3rd for 4th round your weapon is in the air. On full auto... haha your shooting at planes! There's a reason they make The H in HMG is their for a reason! Weight = less recoil from big calibers. Please fix it

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Imo the recoil is manageable... as long as you don't fire standing up/walking/leaning/being out of breath.

As for you Rogue Warrior, that's a nice talk about 5.56mm caliber, unfortunately the game weapons uses 6.5mm (it's clearly written basically everywhere in the game).

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There are a few weapons that are using the 5.56 ammo as well as others using the 6.5mm

Nothing wrong with recoil IMO.
Had a long fight last night in a custom coop mission for testing purposes and everything felt great.

Ever tried the search function in the feedback tracker?

This is a simulator were YOU are supposed to handle the recoil, not your avatar..
If you do not like it, I think you just bought the wrong game..

Let me direct you to a site catered for you

There you go, no need to thank me

lol, +1 to Dagonath

The Human body naturally resets to the original position of fire when you hold a rifle. Anyone with ANY experience of firing a rifle in person knows this.
Does it reset to the same position, hell no. But it comes down to the same level.

Unless your arms are made of spaghetti and you have absolutely no upper body strength, even a 7.62 isn't going to kick that high AND STAY THERE like it does in game. We're not asking for laser shots, just a bit of common realism.

Auto fire? Yeah, that's fine.

The recoil KICK is fine, but if it's not resetting by itself back down to anywhere close to the original sight picture... THEN it's completely retarded.

IRL, YOU get back to the standard position and it's true.
In the game YOU have to get back to the standard position... how that isn't correct ? ;)

@Roddy15th : that's why you can use the mouse to reset the position, naturally

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Use the search option as there is already a report on this and the devs have enough to go through already.

Recoil needs to be reduced for crouched position and stances lower from there.

I'm trying to remember from when I used to shoot about 7/8 years ago (so memory might be a little off!) and was a marksman, but I actually think the recoil should go ever so slightly higher in regards to how much the weapon kicks on screen. Especially when shooting burst or fully auto.

However, shooting single rounds, it's pretty easy for a marksman to get the sight to come back down almost exactly where originally aimed. So perhaps the sight should come back closer to the original shot, unless shooting on burst or fully auto.

I agree, recoil is bit too high compared to real world.
I own serveral guns from Semi-Auto SAKO M92 7.62x39 and AR15 5.56x45 assault rifles to Sako TRG-42 .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle so i can pretty accurately describe what kind of recoil real guns have.

SAKO M92 with 7.62x39 round, from kneeling position much less recoil than 6.5 round in ARMA3, aim wont lift up much as in ARMA3 and you can re-target much much quicker than in ARMA3.
AR15 5.56x45, even less recoil than Sako M92 7.62x39 round, you can pretty much keap it on target with only small recoil, more accurate at short and medium ranges than 7.62x39 but with less power on impact.
Sako TRG-42 .338 LM, while standing and kneeling heavier recoil than 6.5 round in ARMA3, less recoil on prone, can re-aquire target much quicker than in ARMA3's marksman rilfe with or without bipod but requires manual reload since my gun is bolt action rifle.

My weapons are litle modified for my personal use, different stock and usually SCOT-18 GipPod at front in my 7.62x39 and 5.56x45 guns.
Sako TRG-42 sniper rifle is equipped with bipod.

Edit: And yes like Roddy15th said, human body naturally tries get back to target quick as possible, so in ARMA3 it shouldnt take the aimpoint so far away from target.

Yes I've found that it's not the amount of recoil that is making it so much harder to shoot than in Arma2, it's the fact that you have to move the mouse an excessive amount to bring the target back under your sights.

Edit: For those using TrackIR and aiming deadzone together there is a bug (0000116) with this at the moment that will make it almost impossible to hit targets. I will modify my comment from 'excessive amount' to 'more then feels quite right'. Recoil has been refined a lot over the years so I don't see why it should change now.

Just fix the AI issue with them being able to auto or burst fire and not be affected by recoil. I think the recoil is one of the many things that make this game ARMA not Call of Duty or Battlefield. One of the MANY MANY things. Just fix how the AI are affected. The guns do come down a little bit back to natural position after shooting btw, it's not a ton, but enough that we still have to do some work.

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So far, the shooting mechanics in this game have been phenomenal. I love everything that has been implemented, however, I do agree some of the recoil could use some fine tuning. Most importantly some sort of recoil reset would improve the game play and effectiveness of your overall accuracy, since there is also bullet drop implemented as well. On the same note, to have the rifle reset to the exact position it was in prior to your shot would defeat some of the realism of the recoil effect. A Recoil Reset that just simply lowers the rifle back down to the same general plane it started from would be incredible.

At least fix the AI's recoil, they are a bit ridiculous. The accuracy is fine with them however.

As a 25yr. Infantryman with a good 10 of those years as a Rifle Company shooting instructor I can confidently say that the current modelling of muzzle rise (notice I didn't say recoil) in Arma 3 is wrong. By the way, it is also poorly done in Arma2 ACE.

Note that I have not fired any of the A3 weapons myself in real life.

We need to assume that the variables that go into shooting any firearm are equal across the board for each soldier in game. These variables are such things as strength, eyesight, training, experience, fitness, etc.

Calibre of round makes very little difference in muzzle rise because (in simple terms) the weapon itself is designed to compensate for the increased power as the calibre goes up. Things such as barrell weight, receiver operating mechanism, position of furniture (forestock, pistol grip, etc.), and many others.

In the prone position, wth a rifle, firing single rounds, and holding the weapon properly (which we assume is being done by the game soldier) the weapon will rise straight up and come back down into the same sight picture. The muzzle does not go up and to the right and stay there as it currently does in game. The amount of rise is of little significance in this case; however, I would cut it in half of what it currently is.

In the kneeling position unsupported, single round, the muzzle will rise and move slightly to the right but then it will come back down into, relatively, the same sight picture. Once again, in game it is too drastic and needs to be lessened in terms of how much it moves horizontally as well as vertically.

In the standing position unsupported, single rounds, the current model is not far off. I could live with it; however, the muzzle will come back down into a very loose ( may be off to the right and a little high) original sight picture.

I am not even going to talk about firing a rifle in automatic mode as, even in the prone position, hitting anything greater than 50 metres away is difficult at best. In fact we rarely if ever trained to fire from greater than 25 or 50 metres distance. At that range you need to aim at the lower left (in sitting, kneeling and standing position) of a man size target to have any chance of more than the first round making contact. Automatic fire is an option on modern rifles to be used in house clearing or short range firefights (such as counter-ambush) where amount of lead down range is more important for suppression than accuracy.

In regard to LMGs, MMGs, and the like, with bipod being used, and firing from the prone position the weapon comes straight back and does not rise in any significant way. The sight picture vibrates for obvious reasons but that is all. I also must add that firing one of these MGs from anything but the prone position or supported in other positions is a waste of ammo. Only Arnie Swartzeneggar (?) could possible hold one of these up for any period of time while firing auto to be of any use.

Thank you Squish. I certified as an advanced marksmanship instructor by the AMU while stationed in Korea in 2004. The amount of ignorance from the people saying that the current model is "fine" and that I should "compensate with my mouse" is ridiculous at best.

Recoil on the Automatic Rifles is definitely much too high,even when standing.

It's not that bad with Assault Rifles but the balancing between the weapons is pretty extreme. The American standard Assault Rifle has a much higher recoil than the Opfor counterpart or any other AR for that matter.
I always stop and try to pick up an Opfor weapon when I get the chance.

A better balancing would be nice.

ArmA 2 ACE had a much lower, more realistic recoil.

See #0000599.