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Unable to run a -server ( "Dedicated Server" ) and a -client (Headless Client) on the same machine due to Steam.
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I am unable to run a server and a headless client in the current setup due to Steam complaining that the arma3.exe binary is already running.

Now either the admin must hack steam to enable this or a separate license must be installed and purchased on separate hardware (adding to costs required for a HC-powered server setup). {F17036}


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  1. start arma3.exe with the -server parameter
  2. start arma3.exe with the -client parameter
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Maybe a separate dedicated server package like what we have in A2OA would be a solution to this.

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you just have to start the exe itself and not twice via steam

if it's started with steam it appears as a child process which will be denied if started twice

I've attached a screenshot basically showing the error I am getting when I am running arma3 with the -client parameter. The ArmA 3 -server was launched via ArmA 3 Launcher. Technically "outside of steam".

looks like steam is checking the process pool of windows itself.
in that case try starting both without steam

I started both outside steam; -server is started via Arma 2 Launcher. -client from commandline.

Use the files in this archive, the steam_app.txt allows you to run multiple. I have 4 servers and 4 clients all running on the same machine.

^ What thevisad said


That won't work, my post above has 5 servers and 5 HC running on the dedicated server.

This has been fixed, though there are still some problems with the HC.