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Can't eject from helicopters
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There is no eject in the helicopters like ARMA II. It would be good to eject and land with the parachutes.


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Indeed (for now) there's no "eject" action when in flight and no "halo" either.
My guess is that this is just not added yet...

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Yup, was excited to jump out into the water and go for a swim..

im not sure if this isnt added or if they are trying to make it real in the sense most infantry rideing in helicopters from A to B dont get parachutes. I would like to see the parachute added as a backpack that then gives you the option to eject

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There are duplicate tickets about the same issue.

It seems that parachutes are not added yet, hence the lacking eject option. I'd prefer enabled eject even without the parachute, because sometimes you can't get out even on the ground now.

Please next time use the search function.
Anyways this is due the fact that parachutes are not yet implemented, therefore the eject action is not enabled in the current version.

See higher voted identical issue #0001283.

Unfortunately I can't merge issues, so please up-vote there. :)