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[SUGGESTION] Functioning co-pilot seat
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I haven't had my pilot die while flying, but when I get into the co-pilot seat with an empty pilot seat the chopper is uncontrollable.

I won't pretend to know anything about choppers, but the position has a joystick and controls just like the pilot seat


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jump into an empty chopper as co-pilot

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For gameplay, anti-trolling and coding simplicity I would suggest the co-pilot gets control when:
Pilot seat is empty\dead
Pilot uses the menu system to hand control over (if he was injured, inept or something I don't know)
Co-pilot uses menu system when chopper is controlled by AI to take control, but only AI, not take control from a player.

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This is really needed, if your pilot dies you should automatically get control of the airframe, otherwise what's the point in a co-pilot?

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I wonder at the moment what seat we exactly talk about. When entering as pilot, my character takes his seat on the left side. But in helicopters, pilot's seat is on the right. what is going on?

@Devs: if pilot died OR uncons OR no pilot then give controls for Co-pilot, simple to resolve... Fix it please

The strange is that if the pilot is AI, you can sit in the co pilot seat and take control..but ONLY if a pilot is already present.

ALSO: Co-pilot should be able to set waypoints on the map which the pilot can see on his HUD.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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If you are a copilot, there is an action available - take controls

If this feature has been implemented. Why is the status still on reviewed?

Just wondering.

@hladas is it possible to make "effectiveCommander" to return person who is current pilot? I know there is an EH to detect change of controls, but having "effectiveCommander" to contain current pilot would make things a little easier.


Your suggestion is similar to mine -> ID number: 0006391
Feel free to up-vote it.

Umm.. this is already implemented. Notice how when in the pilot's seat you can "release controls", and when in copilot's seat you can "take controls" if the pilot handed over the controls, died, or isn't there.

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Already implemented.