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Driver of Vehicle gets kill in chat when vehicle gunner actually makes kill.
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Here we have me driving a vehicle, gunner gets a kill. The chat shows I get credit for kill, gunner did not.

Second time it happens again. It always happens as I and gunner worked to clear the enemy base.

Later I checked the scoreboard after I was killed and it was revealed two problems.

1- Credited kills are not displayed with me, but correctly displayed with gunner.

2- No points incentive for driving and assisting gunner. I suppose it would be helpful to have some form of assist points. Otherwise it is simply driving.


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Steps To Reproduce

Get vehicle.

Get a gunner to join you.

Gunner kills enemy.

YOU get credit as a driver in chat. The gunner does not.

Additional Information

Screenshot showing vehicle, people in vehicle and kill chat crediting the game fails to update my kills. Which I think is




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Yeah this is an old bug that is present in Arma 2 too. Hope it will get fixed it Arma 3

yea this always annoyed me in arma 2 aswell, especially when my gunner is a teamkiller, then i get blamed for it and face the consequences

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Should be fixend in 105210. We thank you for your feedback.