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Helicopter Upside Down Physics
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Essentially, when you are flying a helicopter, then flip upside down, you just don't fall fast enough. You even glide. From what I have seen, trying to ascend or descend doesn't really do anything. Landing upside down will always end in death and an exploded helicopter, so really the only issue with this is the breach in immersion.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get into a helicopter
  1. Get a respectable distance into the air
  1. Turn off auto-hover
  1. Hold A or D or something to flip over
  1. Watch as you gently glide to the ground and explode
Additional Information

This really isn't something too big I think, and I was almost tempted to list it under feature - it's just kind of funny if anything.

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Yep, totally unrealistic

Agreed.. hopefully they'll listen to us about this !!

How many times do i have to write it here. Flight model that is right now in Alpha is temporary. They going to use TOH (Take on Helicopters) flight model in later versions...

Duping this one to #1516, the other ticket has more votes.