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Sprint+Right click = nonstop walking
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While a soldier is running quickly/sprinting, pressing the right mouse button to pull up the sights will cause the soldier to walk uncontrollable until user presses vault command.


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Sprint, then toggle sights. This should reproduce the problem.

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I was trying to figure out how to make this 100% reproducible. This is it, thank you.

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I was unable to reproduce this problem

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I too did this a few times yet couldn't figure out how I did it.

I retract my statement. I still *randomly* continue walking 5 to 15 feet in various directions. V climb (fence hop) seems to be the best way to interrupt this issue.

Press w to move forward while standing up, then hold shift to run. While holding shift click rmb to pull up sights then let go of everything, and (for me) this causes the character to walk at a slow pace nearly every time.

Thanks for taking interest

It does it more often when running with the weapon lowered and right clicking.

This happened around 200 times in a multiplayer session yesterday. Priority should be 'blocking'.

Dupe of #739