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Doors open with telekinesis
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Phenomenal game you have here. But in a 2013 military simulator, I expect hands to let go of the weapon, and open doors (with a visible animation). This brief moment should affect weapon readiness and player vulnerability, the way it would in real life.


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Try opening any door in the game.

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Agreed but certainly it should be under Animation category instead of movement and for sure not with a High priority. This is just a cosmetic issue, normal or even low would be more appropriate imo.

Cosmetic, or maybe gameplay issue. The fact that opening a door does not affect weapon readiness really is a gameplay issue

IRL you can open a door while still keeping your weapon at the ready.
So it's realistic, therefore my comment about not being a gameplay breaking issue

Hmm, well I don't care about cosmesis or how it looks like animation-wise. This affects every breach and entry. If your weapon was ready to fire as you telekinetically opened any door, the outcome of the gun battle that would ensue would change dramatically. This is why in real-life you stack up next to the door, open, flash/bang/stun and then clear. You can't fire a heavy weapon with just one hand, can you. And if you can, the accuracy wouldn't be the same as if it were handled by two hands.

As i said, you can open a door with your weapon at the ready in real life and this, being a simulator, tends to be realistic and so it is.
Still we need an animation (it's ugly to see the door open by itself)

We all agree on that point

It depends on the size of the weapon. You can open a door with another hand on a pistol's trigger without accuracy or readiness being compromised. On the other hand, a larger weapon would have you either lower it down or sway it to the side in order to get to the door knob. With only one hand on the trigger of this heavy weapon, its balance/aim and overall readiness would definitely be compromised.

I can agree on the point for bigger weapons such LMGs.
Those should be "lowered" while opening a door.
On the other hand, an assault rifle should just loose some stability / accuracy (enlarge the reticle) while pistols / smgs should not loose stability.


Technically, any weapon held by two hands should be affected by the transition to a one hand hold... even a pistol, though negligible. This is why you hold it in two hands in optimal conditions. The second hand enhances stability during and after the shot. Talk about larger weapons...

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Upvoted, it would give an advantage to bull pups because you are forced to lower your rifle if it's a full length design.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

+100, look at COD, BF, FC, RainbowSix games...

I am are soldier - i want to open doors with my foot!!!!!1

Very nice idea.
This will promote teamwork (on some cases) clearing rooms/buildings.
I wish i had the right to vote 100 times on this