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Performance the same regardless of AA and FXAA/SMAA use.
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I have a strange issue where the performance of the game is identical when not using AA vs using 8x AA and ULTRA FXAA. Dropping the FXAA or AA settings down does not increase performance but the game looks much worse.

This is quite strange, am I CPU bound?


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Change AA settings.

Additional Information

CPU: 3570K overclocked to 4.4 GHz
GPU: Nvidia 670 2gb overclocked to 1200. (GPU usage also hovers around 65%, but this is probably a driver issue)
RAM: 8gb
Game is installed on SSD.

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FXAA and SMAA are pretty efficient ways of simulating the use of AA, so on a powerful rig I think it's normal to not notice any change in FPS... The fact that AA does the same thing though is strange...

Same for me... i5 2500k @ 4.6Ghz EVGA SC 680, i can have all of them on with SMAA ultra... i just thought my PC was a beast.... i can get around 45-90fps with everything on ultra and visibility on 1500 with clutter and shadows on 100%

Also, it uses 99% of my GPU and around 63-66% of my CPU... seems normal to me!

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Strange that your GPU usage is 99% while I get 65%, what driver are you using? (I am on the latest beta (314.14).

Min Max
LOAD GPU Core 2% - 97%
GPU Memory Controller 3% - 64%
GPU Memory 75%- 78.3%

Also on latest beta drivers :/ i can send you my full report of "Open Hardware Monitor" as that's the program i use.

See #0000716.