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AI Detection In Scuba Showcase and range of SDAR 5.56mm
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I have found that the AI can easily detect the player on the scuba showcase when on the surface of the water off the coast and on the land, Even when I tried this on recruit difficulty if I come to the surface in the water the alarms would go off even though I am not in line of sight of any enemies I feel this may need tweaking.

I also found the default weapon assigned on this mission was in-effective for mid range land combat the weapon was the SDAR 5.56mm in a weapon description I saw in-game it mentions a range of 40 metres is this the underwater range? And is it affecting the land range I found I was on target but the target was not taking the hits maybe due to being out of this 40m range.


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Surface from water off the coast of the AA base in Scuba showcase most of the time the alarm goes off, And around the AA in the rocks while bot in enemy line of sight the alarm would go off.

Fire the SDAR 5.56mm at a Range greater then 40m while on land and see if your target takes a hit.

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I have recorded the two observations and can post them up if visual identification is needed.

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I believe that gun is almost completely ineffective outside the water. I used my pistol once I reached land, as the SDAR was either missing, or doing 0 damage to all targets on the land. Possibly an issue to to the sights assuming you are aiming underwater, so the zeroing is totally different?

EDIT : Just read

Seems that the default ammo in the scuba mission is underwater ammo, and when on land, the player must switch to stanags to do damage.

As Zalifer said, you need to "reload" your gun with the non-underwater stanag rounds to be effective on surface (uw rounds have 30m effective range).

Please retest.

TY guys the rifle thing was cleared up by you guys i now know to swap the ammo after using the UW ammo.

Besides from that, the rifle is zeroed in at about 30-40m, so you have to consider that when shooting at someone.

Really this report was about the AI detection around the water the Rifle was just a side thing.

First time I played that mission (only time actually) One of the soldier actually went all the way to the start of the mission I almost died while the "Misson Accomplished" text was showing.

But yes indeed, the AI detection is way too far :-)

lol they even followed me back to my extraction point, even tho i was diving max depth

Both issues have been resolved.