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Unable to activate FLIR mode on mounted weapons optics
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Unable to change to FLIR on mounted weapons. have tried to remap optics cycle button. would expect it to be moddeled, as the screen in the back of the vehicle shows FLIR, but when u enter the optic with NUM+0 i only get regular cam.


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Enter gunner pos. "Num+0" to go to opics. "Num+/" to change mode= nothing

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Tried remapin controlls no luck.

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You probably want to try pressing "N" while in Optics Mode.

Ah. Ok will check it out. Could ben i have had a serious case of a brainfart.

No, it's not a brainfart. Searched high and low in-game going through both the Control Menus and the Field Manual, but couldn't find the answer to this question either (N is for "Night Vision"). As it stands, this is either not documented anywhere within the game or very well hidden somewhere. Needs to be fixed. Also, note the usual know-it-all mouth breathers downvoting legitimate issues.

This has been fixed.