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UI at resolutions is only partially visible
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Am using fullHD monitor, but because of bottom specs hardware, i have to use resolution lower then 1600x1200.

At resolutions aroun 1360xsomething, 16:9 looks like not the whole screen is drawed - i cant see text displayed on the right side and whats on the left side.


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I'm also having this problem using a 51" HD TV, it's really frustrating not able to see any of the menu
and not able to click any option boxes, I've not even had chance to get in a game yet!

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What i'v found - how to fix it in windows is ALT TAB out of game to other application and then back. Then mouse cursor is accurate again.

I've tried Alt + Tab and it doesn't exit the game for me, I've tried just about everything now.
I seem to be only getting the top left portion of the game screen but enlarged to full actual screen.

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you need to have another application running before you try that ALT+Tab, otherwise it wont switch,.

run notepad or calculator and then run game.

This doesn't work for me, I guess I'll have to wait for the game to be released properly

This is said to have been fixed a while ago.