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Conflicts are not always highlighted when configuring controls.
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in arma2, i was able to see conflicts in key mappings, where if two actions were assigned the same key, the two actions were highlighted in red. in Arma3 alpha, I cannot see the conflicting key mappings.

thank you. great game so far.


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make more than one actions with the same key under the control menus

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Seems true for some control groups and not others.

its more selective then arma 2 was, but still there

This happens sometimes across different control groups, mostly to do with the new control options (stance) it seems.

It shows the conflict if its a CONFLICT that is unacceptable, it doesn't show if you legitimately assign one key to do 2 things. For instance, holding RMB zooms, holds breath, AND calls out targets

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It appeared to me that it's reporting conflicts b/w infantry and vehicle controls, which shouldn't be the case unless those controls were common.