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Switching weapons prone
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When changing back from pistol to rifle while prone, the player character stands up and then goes back to prone while transitioning.


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  1. Go prone with pistol equipped
  2. Push "switch weapon" button (Does not work through action menu)

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This happened every time to me and my friend..

This happens every time for me. Any time I'm prone holding a pistol and I switch to a rifle with the switch weapon key, the character stands up, goes prone again then holsters the pistol and takes the rifle of his back. It's super annoying, but it's still awesome to be able to use pistols effectively in Arma.

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Confirm this when using keyboard to switch it,but fine when using action menu

Closing in favor of #9071, which has been assigned to a dev.