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No matter where I place them, manned Littlebirds end up in the ocean
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When placing AH-9 helicopters at Stratis Air Force Base (manned, if not manned, they stay where I put them) they don't go where I placed them when testing the mission, they end up far off, near the coast, and one or two always end up spawning in water, wrecking the bird and killing the crew.


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Load the editor, place manned AH-9's in Stratis AFB, preview

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Also occurred when using a mix of AH-9's and MH-9's, not sure about Kasatkas.

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Do you have them in one group? If they are in one group, they are automatically in default formation too and they will spawn in that formation. Remove them from group or set formation on each to none (Insert unit -> Special -> None).

If it still doesnt work plz post your missionfile and any of us can check it out, probably something you have done incorrectly cause i have not heard this problem any time before...?

Closing due to lack of info/response.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket containing all relevant information.