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Performance issues on performance computer.
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       CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.30 GHz
       GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 590
       RAM: 8,00 GB 1600mhz
       SSD: OCZ Agility 3

The game lags wheter I am in MP or in SP. But in Single Player, it feels like the lag comes further delayed. Sometimes I get to play smoothely for about 10 minutes, but after that it starts lagging. The lag comes on earlier if I enter a car or helicopter.

I have tried to fiddle with the graphics settings. But wheter I set all on Ultra or all on Low it lags. Though on ultra it lags a bit more, but on very high it lags about as much as on standard.

Also the screens and mirrors in cars are flickering.


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My pc can run ArmA 2 on full graphics, without a problem.

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Similar Issue here.
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T @ 3.8GHz
RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600MHz
GPU: 2x Radeon HD 6950 2GB in crossfire.

already been reported, many people are having the same issue, me myself too with a 7970, seems to be AMD users that are suffering

I saw someone having a similar problem. And they're complaining that their graphics cards, are running very low from their full potential. But mine is Nvidia so if it was an AMD problem, it would be the prosessor then. Someone mentioned it as a SLi or Crossfire problem. GTX 590 is basically two 560 ti in SLi if I remember correctly. So could be that. But richd666, as you say "a 7970" I'd persume it's one. If you see this, mabye mention if you've got an Intel or AMD prosessor aswell. But again I persume that you've got AMD as you said AMD users. And from this I have no conclution.

I'm getting it too with my intel hardware. Specs are up there as well. There must be a bottleneck in resources somewhere where the data won't refresh or release to make way for new data..

I thinks its a general problem with the engine, that has been there since OFP. To many things are done in the mainloop that renders the frames, so scripts / texture uploads to the GPU and calculating the AI movements are blocking the rendering of the next frame...
They should really implement some performance counters and trace them to remove blockades in the render mainloop....
You can easily see it that the performance is degraded heavily if a script goes nuts for example. In my opinion the "rendering" and the script execution should be seperated completly.

Basically the RV4 engine is not using more than 1 core and gpu is being used up to a max of 40%

i didnt really mention my specs very well

AMD Piledriver 8 core 4.4ghz
sapphire 7970 3gb 1256/1600
asus m5a88fx pro mobo
12gb memory 1600

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Same Problem here
Corei7 920 3,2 ghz
12gb 1600 Ram

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Be sure to not set your shadows or cloads on low, since they are then, like in arma 2, rendered by the cpu rather than the GPU

best settings for me is everything quality on low or standart and shadows on standart, clouds off

i play with an APU and without a real graphics card atm, sadly, subject to change, but it runs fluid

Spacefish and Jud18120, I dont know about that. Because my friend has a quite similar pc to mine (see description), performance vice. But he does not experiance any significant lag. But none of you seem to have one of the new 600 series geforce cards? But he has a 680 or 670, and an Intel cpu.

Is there anyone with an Intel prosessor and a GeForce graphics card experiancing these problems?

And Spacefish, wouldnt your idea cause everyone to have the problem?

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Me and my friemd have this and disabling post process under the rendering tab took away 75% of the lag. Its still very badly optimised, though and i lag a lot when driving around.

Intel core i7 3370
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560

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no lag with i5-2500k and gtx570

high/very high settings and postprocess off

So far my experience has shown me its not he player's hardware, its the HOST machine that causes most of the lag. Any time i connect to a server over 100 ping it gets laggy/jittery.

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dxdiag, end of story.

Excilium, that issue is unrelated to this one. I never connect to a server with a higher ping than 90 in any game. This problem excists in both MP and SP, atleast in my case, and I think quite a few others. Me and my friend made a server with only me and him on, switching between who hosted, but I still got massive lag.

SGTIce, in which way is dxdiag going to help, to upload PC spec's or?

Disableing post processing works very well, and makes the game playable. But still hoping they'll fix it soon.

Thanks to Roytjb and Rick, for sharing this usefull information and solution.

Server with low fps leads to client low fps.
Always been like that since Armed Assault

I think Spacefish is completely right. The amount of calculations bog down the frame rendering.

I just hope the greater publicity and attention ARMA 3 is getting will make the developers really recreate some of these (from arma, arma 2 ) persisten problems.

Same problem here, Intel 980x@4.0Ghz, ATI 6990 4Gb. With Ultra high starts with > 50 Fps and after 30 minutes, i get between 15-20 fps, cant play with that.

SGTIce added a comment.Mar 7 2013, 7:13 PM

Dxdiag for specs as illustrated in the "How To" at the top right.

Duplicate of #0000436.