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Aiming deadzone
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Whenever I enable aiming deadzone, the first person aiming becomes unbearable(Aim down sights). It doesn't have full movement like it does when deadzone isn't enabled. It's hard to describe, but arma2 defiantly doesn't have this issue. I always play with deadzone on, and in arma2 the aiming isn't effected by it. It isn't limited and slowed down like it is in arma3, with it enabled.

Some people may consider this minor, I even marked it as such. But to me it is a major issue, as I prefer to play with aiming deadzone enabled. And currently I'm just not able to, without severely handicapping myself.


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Just turn on aiming deadzone.

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For me, the issue is that it's very difficult to turn around. The aiming is fine as long as it's within the deadzone, but once it goes beyond and the camera has to move, it becomes very slow and difficult.

It's like, whenever you stay within the deadzone you have whichever mouse sensitivity you chose, but as you get outside and the camera moves, it's like the sensitivity lowers to like a third.

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Yeah, i wish they could remake it like how they have it in Red Orchestra 2.

Really hope that it is changes back to how it was in arma2. now it makes it practical impossible to use because once you move you aim outside the dead zone it has a weird kind of collective sensitivity

yeah, weapon handling is really weird with deadzone on... hope they fix it soon

Make it just like in ArmA 2 and it's perfect.

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Temporary FIX regarding aiming deadzone for Arma 3

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Duplicate of higher voted (but newer) ticket #2294