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Xbox 360 bindings are erased if the game started without the controller on.
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This still happens from ArmA 2. It's ridiculously frustrating and pretty silly. Plenty of games keep these kinds of bindings. I don't mind having to have the controller on at startup to make sure the game recognizes the controller (all though it shouldn't be needed) but erasing the bindings every time I start the game without the controller? That's a bit much, considering it's possible to have the bindings stay and even to be able to turn the controller on at any time and have the game detect it even if it wasn't on prior to starting the game.


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Bind controller buttons, close game, turn off/disconnect controller, restart game. All bindings will be wiped, and will not return if you start back with the controller.

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Been a problem since ArmA 1. I occasionally play ArmA with my X52 Saitek - and I have to rebind my joystick every time I launch.

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set bindings

go to documents/arma 3 alpha

make $your.username.Arma3AlphaProfile write protect

that should do the trick till better solution. I didnt tried this solution my self.

I had this issue with ArmA II with my joystick. I found out that instead of just re-binding the controls, just go into your control settings, find the Controllers button, and then enable the appropriate controller.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

In the current build this doesn't seem to be an issue, at least for me. If I start a game without the controller plugged in the bindings aren't there since there's no device, but when I reconnect the controller in-game the bindings I set reappear and work normally.

This issue is driving me mad. I use a wireless 360 controller. If the controller is on when A3 starts, no problem. However if it's not already on, when I need the controller I: 1) turn it on, 2) go to configure -> controls, then ESC back out to the game. 50% of the time, the controller will work again with the correct bindings. The other 50%, the bindings are blown out, gone. I keep a copy of Arma3Profile and use BeyondCompare to fix the bindings. Ideally, the controller settings should be in a separate file from the more dynamic settings like the last mission you played. Then I could at least set the file read-only, because once I set up the controllers, I rarely alter them.