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Grenades (2x) don't kill you if you lay ontop of them
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Dropping two grenades under you then going prone ontop hurts you but doesn't kill you yet still kills people around you.

Tested with one and two grenades but not more yet.


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Aim straight down and press G to toss the grenade, immediately go prone (Z) to lay on them.

Test it with someone standing next to you and they will be killed but you'll survive.

Not sure if this is some heroic features but wanted to report it regardless.

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EDIT: What it might be is the setting that prone-ing when a grenade goes off increases your chances of living. You survive if you're prone regardless of the distance of the grenades

Got it too, with one grenade and went prone right over them, they explode i'm not even damaged

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This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

Confirmed, happens even if you stand on it.

More info here:

Cannot reproduce. 0.77.109860