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Get stuck in running forward animation/movement
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Only way to get out of it is to use V to vault


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Press a combination of keys that include W, can happen when doing stance adjustments or moving immediately afterwards.

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I might have found the step to reproduce this bug. I'll copy paste what i wrote in another issue. -- --

I might have found a reason. It always bugging when your put your weapon down (using x2 Ctrl) and then you get stuck if you right click for aiming your weapon while walking or running. Best way i've found to solve it it's by pressing v key.

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I got out after about a minute by pressing s key

I've had this before. Couldn't get out of it at all. Tried every key on my keyboard.
Had to get someone to shoot me.

I've had this happen when I put my weapon down too. Once I got out of it by pressing V and another time I got out of it by smashing my keyboard.

This happen also for me. When i'm walking ( holding W key) and at the same time, try to aim (pressing right mouse button.) My character stuck to walking toward...
I Don't yet know if i have to have certain scope or not, just found this out and came here to check...

See #0000739.