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Helicopter controls for native xbox 360 controller.
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I have tried xbox controller for infantry, driving, swimming and trying to fly a helicopter BUT controller not supported when flying a helicopter. ArmA 3 is going to be a big hit and people new to it will use a xbox controller. Please try make helicopter and driving controls more supported for a xbox controller.


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What do you mean not supported? You just have to switch the device to "customizable." That will let you bind the various inputs on the device to helicopter controls.
Unfortunately, if you launch the game after without the controller connected, that is wiped, but it does work.
If you mean that it should be in the default 360 scheme, I'd agree there assuming they do it right, which is questionable.
Wouldn't call this "urgent" though.

Yes. It should be in the default 360 scheme.

Its really just an issue with how the default controls are set up, using the triggers for aim and fire makes no sense since both of those are digital, this also means that you cant hold the aim button to steady the shot by holding breath, since you're already holding it to aim. using the bumpers to aim and fire would free the triggers up to assign them to functions that make more sense.

it is supported, but I wasn't able to change keys .. so when I was trying to rotate (using "rudder") .. I was shooting at the same time

you can change it how you want dont worry. I use an xbox controller all the time. you have to get over the "usual" xbox controller scheme if u wanna remap though. I personally love it now that im used to my set up. there are two, one is a pre mapped xbox disable this one, the other is a cutomizable "enable" this one. now go back to your keyboard layout and add the controls as u wish. note that the RT will not map to FIRE. I was devistated in arma2 over this but now I love my set up. RT- stance adjust RB-FIRE LT-ZOOM LB-COMBAT SPEED RjoyButton is scope etc. I also keep the keyboard near for other less useful stuff liek inventory etc. just get used to it, its worth it. I can send u a full list of how I map mine if you have trouble

Yes, Please Shark

i can email you w/ info. or maybe we can find a place in the forums instead. up to you? but i dont really wanna clutter this up

See #0000940.