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AI can see you through water at far distances
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Playing the SCUBA scenario and I was seen by the helicopter (this is a non-issue, since I was at the surface). The patrolling boat can now see me when I'm up to 50 feet away and under the surface. Was able to reproduce each time I was seen by the helicopter.


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Be seen by OPFOR units.

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Infantry can see you at over 100 ft away as well while under the surface.

Agreed, just tested in the diving showcase SP mission !

While the actual spotting ability of the AI is definitely broken, the water itself is very clear, so once they know that you're in the water, it won't be terribly hard to spot you when you're near the surface. How FAR under the surface is the problem. A diver sized object would probably be visible down to pretty deep, maybe 10m, from the air. From the coast 100m away? Probably less than 1m.


I can understand being seen from directly above, by not by units that are 50-100 meters in a lateral direction from a 6-foot target under 5 feet of water w/ high waves.

Water for me is actually not that clear. In fact, I can barely see myself just under the surface from the 3rd person camera... Unless I look straight down. Sometimes, I'm completely impossible to see. And even when looking straight down, you don't stand out. There's not a lot of contrast and because there's no color contrast under the water, you're pretty well camouflaged. But the boat that I can only see by pushing the camera up out of the water, and even then only VERY occasionally when the waves allow for it, knows exactly where I am from 200 feet away. I was never spotted before the boat spotted me. And I've been following the ocean floor when I wasn't swimming up to take care of mines.

While disabling the boat, I had guys on the shore scoring hits on me....while under the water. They also could see me when I swam behind the boat (putting it between myself and the shore). I've also yet to swim up on the shore without walking fire that's already in the air. Heck most times I'm about 50m or so away from the pier and the water is being shot at. Mind you, I'm at the very end of the docks and the guys on the shore are shooting at me.

So OPFOR bullets aren't being stopped by the water?

Same issue with more votes: #0002240.