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Players slouched in vehicles
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Whenever I and a few others entered the OPFOR APC (ride in back) our player models were slouched over, almost like they were sleeping. {F16809} {F16810} {F16811}


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see attached image

If they aren't in fact dead, then yes this is a pretty serious issue. Give me a couple minutes to try and replicate. This is during multiplayer correct?

Yeah in the BluFor vehicles they look like they're in the old 'brace for impact' position with their heads between their legs. This happens for the two passengers in the back and the passenger in the front.

I was not able to reproduce the issue in the single player editor. I assume that this is a mutliplayer issue. It could also be because all the players were in third person view, which causes the neck of the soldier to be very wierdly positioned.

EDIT: Screenshot posted from my view inside the OPFOR IFRIT.

yeah this is a known bug, players appear dead if they get in before you, MP only and on most vehicles.

In the back of the assault chopper all the guys in the back seem to be in a praying position, head tilted forward, not moving, dead like. This was on the MP escape from island coop.

Not third person view affiliated. Our server has third person view locked out so you can't actually use it.

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I've done report for the same issue.

In image 2013-03-16_00001.jpg the player isn't dead. Upon arrival to the AO, the player was able to get out of the vehicle.

See #0001121.