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AI can't drive over bridges
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I have commanded my AI to drive past a bridge to a location 1 kilometer away, the AI stops at the bridge and refuses to go further until I manually command it to drive using the WASD keys.

Once past a bridge, the AI follows my command to go to the location.

This has happened on multiple occasions.

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Spawn in editor as commander of a vehicle on Agia Marina, tell the AI to move somewhere east out of the town. The AI will refuse to cross bridges or find a way around them.

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Same happened to me, also AI have put the vehicles on two wheels trying to cross the bridge

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Might be the AI is having a pathing problem where the bridge is detected as too narrow similar to the one they had in A2 a lot of the time.

Or, it could be a problem with perception of the bridge itself, in which it's detecting what's below the bridge, but not the bridge itself.

I've had it happen with AI infantry as well where they prefer to walk through the ditch instead of over the bridge

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My ai disembarked and then wouldnt get back in until i moved the vehicle off the bridge myself and then he would get in.

Covered by #0002887.