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Leaning status not apparent in first-person
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While using the new stances system to lean left or right, it's easy to lose track of whether you're still leaning or not, and first-person views have no indication that you're leaning unless you look down (which is a bit silly).

This means that if you get distracted (say, you engage an enemy) while leaning, it's easy to forget that you're leaning and play for a considerable amount of time while 'leaned over'. This becomes an issue in CQB; if you're leaned left, you might not notice that part of your body is exposed when you're moving up to a right-facing corner. Attached is a demonstration of this issue (from first-person view, you'd think you were safe; in reality, your leg is sticking out quite obviously).

This could be easily fixed with a simple on-screen indicator. {F16780} {F16781}


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Use stances to lean to one side (Ctrl+A or Ctrl+D).
  2. Notice there is no indicator of your lean state, so if you forget that you've leaned you won't notice for a good long while.
Additional Information

This is a fairly small issue, but I can easily forsee situations where it would get to be a problem.

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Duplicated of issue #0000426
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Lean indicator is different than the generally asked for stance indicator.

/Also, 338 comes before 426. If anything 426 is a repeat of this issue.

Duplicate of #0000426.