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Cannot access inventory or swap gear while swimming/diving.
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It's possible that this is functioning as intended by BI, but I cannot access my inventory, or the inventory of dead enemy soldiers while underwater. I believe this needs to be changed, as it is perfectly possible to dig around in a rucksack or remove something from a pouch while you are in the water in real life.

My specific concern is the way this could effect multiplayer. Imagine you and a friend are playing a mission where you have to swim ashore at night and plant satchel charges on enemy helicopters. Your buddy is the one carrying the explosives, and a sentry spots and shoots him while you are both still in the water. The way things are now, you can't recover the explosives from his corpse, and thus you fail the mission. An experience like that would be needlessly frustrating and immersion breaking for the players.


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Steps To Reproduce
    1. Open editor, place yourself in the sea as a BLUFOR > Men (Diver) > Diver
  1. Place another Diver nearby grouped to you
  2. Place an Empty > Ammo > [BLUE] Basic Ammo box next to you
  3. Dive underwater
  4. Press the inventory key, observe that you cannot open your inventory
  5. Kill your fellow diver, expend your magazine, reload and approach him
  6. Observe that you can not access him via "Gear" but still "Rearm at Diver" to retrieve some ammunition
  7. Find his rifle and aim at it
  8. Observe that you can still "Take SDAR ..." to exchange the weapon
  9. Find the Basic Ammo box you placed (it has probably sunk to the sea floor by now)
  10. Observe that the only way to loot items from the ammo box is the ancient and confusing system of "Take X" action menu entries

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Transferred repro steps and status from other ticket.

Upvoted. For example, in real-life, when a soldier falls into deep water, he has to remove his vest or the weight of it will make him drown. Some vests come with quick-release straps as a result.

Hmm why is this a feature? It should be more like a bug.
You should be able to change scope underwater or if you forgot to equip your googles before entering the water you should be able to put them on underwatere.

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sik i am a padi open water diver. I done those procedures when i took my open water test.
my post is worded incorrectly i am complaining that currently it's not possible to change scopes or gear underwater. When in real life that's possible and doable.

Me as a player would like the ability to swap gear and scopes underwater same way i would IRL.

sik added a comment.Sep 7 2013, 10:01 PM

@annerajb Sorry I misunderstood your post. We a asking for same feature.