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Full guide for scripting and editing
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Please, Bohemia Interactive, release a full manual about scripting and editing missions, i'm looking for learning how to do maps and scripts and it's a month who i'm blocked everywhere, reference in your wiki is not enought to learn, so please release a full manual..


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Take it to the forums, This is for Bug reporting. This however is not a bug.

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As above - this is not a bug and it CERTAINLY isn't a 'major' issue.
There are guides on the wiki, there are guides on the forums, there are guides all over the web. If you want to learn scripting go and look for some materials.

a low documentation isn't a major bug, it's a MILESTONE bug because people doesn't understand what to do.

And this is NOT a bugtracker but a FEEDBACK tracker sirs.

True, it's a FEEDBACK tracker.. however you report ISSUES, not general feedbacks, therefore it's a ISSUE tracker ;)

Also, the web is full of guides about that.
The old ArmA:Armed Assault editing guide from Mr-Murray is still great even for ArmA3 since the base engine and editor are the same as the very first release.


True kid, but if BI don't release a manual, an OFFICIAL manual, for new fuctions of the ArmA 3 engine is a bad issue with editor and so it's good for report that here, or i'm wrong?

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate or no-bug.

For future reporting please refer to "how to guide"