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Weapons in scuba mission are performing wierd
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It appears like the pistol and sub machine gun arnt working like they should in the scuba showcase mission.

Either that or the bulletdrop is instant after 5-10 meters. It seems like I dont hit anything and when I do hit people at close range it takes 5-6 shots to bring them down. Eventhou some of the shots are headshots.


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I think part of the issue is the new armor system seems to make everyone really resistant to any kind of fire. But it's hard to tell, I haven't really tested it and the infantry showcase sticks you with god awful optics so I have no idea if I'm missing or my rounds are just being ineffective.
To be fair though, those rounds should be pretty lacking in stopping power underwater. That's a hell of a lot more resistance than air. Still, I popped up out of the water to shoot guys in a boat and they took a LOT of shots. One guy jumped out and just would not die no matter how many times I shot him.

Make sure you reload from the underwater ammo to STANAG 5.56. The underwater ammo doesn't work well outside of the water. You can reload to STANAG by scrolling the mouse wheel and selecting "Reload STANAG"

Txontirea fixed it for me. I had assumed all of my shots were missing, even at close range, but changing ammo types fixed the issue.

In the scuba mission after I sabotaged the boat, 2 divers jumbed in to the water and started shooting at me. I killed the first one, but could not kill the second one. He started swimming to shore right past me, and I emptied clip and a half to him. Hits were making a small cloud of blood on each hit, and he swam past me very close, so he should have died. He just kept swimming and disappeared in to the darkness.

Later on in the mission when I was already out of the water, I noticed one of the enemies I had killed was wearing scuba gear, so it must have been him.

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There are two types of ammo that you can use in scuba divers gun: underwater mags and normal STANAG mags, you have probably used wrong mags.

Ahh you guys are right! I used the dual purpose mags instead of the normal stanag mags.

Then why are they called dual purpose if their effectivness goes near 0 when out of water???

I tried a "diver only approach" in an Insurgency map earlier and encountered:

1.) Underwater, "Normal Ammo" takes a whole magazine to kill the enemy, if at all
2.) " As above ", "Dual Purpose Ammo" takes 2-3 headshots or 5-6 solid body hits to kill the enemy.

MAX range in both cases seems to be 50m or less.

Can we consider this resolved then?

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Helperman you got it the wrong way.

Normal stanag works on land, dual purpose sucks dick.

bullets go down after 20-30meters under water...

Looks like this was resolved.